India has the governance by the provisions of the Design Registration, Design Act, 2000 and the Designs Rules, 2008 (amended), in which aesthetic aspects of products can have the registration as industrial design in India. In use, such aesthetic aspects cover the external appearance of the article for which the design patent is to have registration, i.e. the way the product has consideration by the customer. Industrial Design Registration in India for innovative designs of products protects the intellectual property rights (IPR) related to marketing and prevents infringement of design patents in India.

Excluded from design registration in India

Design laws in India also include some exceptions defining exclusions for design registration in India, stating that the inclusion includes designs that are primarily of literary or artistic character, not eligible for protection under the Indian Design Act. Such exclusions include, in particular, books, credit lenders, certificates, forms and other documents, dressmaking patterns, greeting cards, leaflets, maps and plan cards, postcards, stamps, medals, labels, tokens, cards, cartoons, any principles or construction methods. Happens. Any article, only mechanical obscurity, buildings and constructions, parts of articles not manufactured and sold, variations commonly used in trade, only workshop changes of assembly components, only change in article size, flags, signs or symbols any country and layout of integrated circuits Design.



Design Patent Search – Prior Art Search

It is common practice to retain the services of a patent attorney for a pre-art search or design patent search covering international patent databases and non-patent literature sources to determine the novelty and subsequent eligibility of a product registered as art design. Or design patents in India. When conducting a patent search, published patent applications and approved patents are searched to determine whether similar designs exist before filing a published industrial design patent application. The patent search report has compiled using a patent search strategy designed to focus specifically on design patents. The patent search strategy involves the creation and use of patent search key strings along with logical tors parameters (and, or, no) and has the usage to determine search results related to the relevant patent classification. In use, a design patent search requires a comparison of patent drawings and statistics to discover the novelty of the invention.

Industrial Design Registration Services in India are provided by an Indian law firm capable of handling Industrial Design Registration Services in India. Patent attorneys with expertise in patent registration in India and industrial design registration in India are the perfect source for answering frequently asked questions and also provide answers for design registration in India.

Design owners seeking the services of patent attorneys regularly seek clarification on how industrial designs can have the difference based on whether they can have registration in India before the Indian patent fee. Design owners have the advice to contact an expert team of Indian design lawyers and industrial design attorneys for design registration in India. Industrial Design Registration in India prior to Indian Patent Office Fees is a process that covers the requirements for registration of industrial design application by design or patent attorney in India.

Online Procedure

Properly filed application along with fixed fee (Form-1), fixed fee, name and full address, nationality, name of the article, class number, and address for service in India. The application must have signature by the applicant or his authorized agent.

Representation of the article in the quarter, stating the point of view e.g. Front view, etc. must have the discussion with the proposed application. Every representation of a statement of innovation and disclaimer (if any) in respect of mechanical action, trademark, word, letter, number should be endorsed on the sheet and duly signed and dated.

The office design of the application is checked by the .fees and objections, if any, are raised there. Certificate of granting copyright in registered design Objections have the removal by the design office fee, if any, to the satisfaction of the department. The period for validation of a copyright in a registered design is 10 years. The original design can be extended to a new design 10 years after the expiration of the original period of 10 years upon filing an application for extension of copyright along with payment of a fixed fee.

Aspects of design registration

Government process

Filing a design registration application does not guarantee design registration. Design registration is a process and registration is provided only by the registrar – based on the facts of each case and the premises. Therefore, our professionals can only make the best effort to file a design registration application based on experience and expertise.


A list of all designs that had registration by the Patent Office Fees has maintenance and publish so that competitors have instruction to register and prevent duplication. In case of violation of registered design or piracy, the owner of registered design may seek legal remedy under the Design Act.

10 years protection

Designs that had registration under the Designs Act have protection for a period of ten years, renewable from another 5 years. However, design registration applies primarily to designs applied to any article by the industrial process. Therefore, items that had cover under the Trademark Act or the Copyright Act cannot have registration as designs.


After filing a design registration application, it is important to periodically check the status of the application until it is processed by the government. The design registration application process sometimes requires various time-bound feedback or action from the applicant. Therefore, it is important to constantly check the status of the application and take necessary action until registration is done

File professionally

A professional file to register design is important to ensure that the design has proper secure. An experienced professional can help significantly improve the chances of successful design registration by filing a professional application, addressing all aspects of the Design Act.

Product design

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Product design and prototyping are basically holistic approaches from the beginning to the end, in the creation of a new product. The definition of product design is quite vague as it can have broad description as a process of creating products that meet the needs of the user and that include market research, data analysis, problem identification, product development, and creation of knowledgeable solutions, prototyping and everything. In between. It basically lays the foundation on which the manufacturing business depends. Prototyping is an integral phase in product design and development by creating interactive experiences quickly and easily. It also enables you to test ideas quickly and cheaply.