A design must first be registered before it can be protected. The only person who can stop others from using, copying, or duplicating the design is the person who registered it. This makes sense because it makes the company more competitive and often brings in more money.

Design registration

Understanding what design is and why it is important is essential before discussing the benefits of design registration in Bangalore. During the designing phase, design is becoming increasingly important. It goes without saying that a product’s design may have its own niche market. This is true for both two-dimensional designs like schematics, wallpapers, and logos as well as three-dimensional objects like bikes, tea bags, and bowls.

Design registration safeguards the product or packaging’s visual representation. Copyright, which occurs automatically and frequently, provides sufficient protection for many businesses. Nonetheless, in a discussion, the restricting party will prevent the presence from getting Copyright. Consequently, design registration is the most effective choice.

Importance of design registration

  • Online design registration in Bangalore is basically a list of an item’s examples, shape, design, and ornamentation
  • Design registration is administered by the principles and strategies of different patent workplaces. In India, enlistment is finished under the Designs Act 2000[1], which gives 10 years of design assurance for enrolled designs, with the choice to recharge for 5 extra years.
  • Despite furious market competition, design protection is a proficient method for safeguarding modern and item designs against replicating or copying.
  • As per an overview by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), India has documented 65,447 modern design applications over the most recent 9 years, with 51,225 of these being enrolled.
  • This basically demonstrates how significant and valuable trademark registration in Bangalore is in assisting organizations with creating and financial backers concentrate on protecting their designs.

What are the benefits of design registration?

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of registering a design with a specific Patent office because it’s obvious that this practice is becoming increasingly common. Other than the advantage of getting assurance from imitators, design registration in Bangalore enjoys the accompanying benefits:

  1. To put the Design to use and make money off of it.
  2. To prevent others from copying or imitating the design for commercial gain.
  3. It makes it easier for the author to make, sell, export, or distribute the design to people in India and elsewhere.
  4. To get syndication over the Design for the term of 10 Years.
  5. After registration, the design becomes an asset, and the author can license it to others.
  6. The essential target of design registration in Bangalore is to empower the Imagination in Designs and their security.

Essential for design registration

According to the Designs Act of 2000, section 4.

Acceptance depends on a design’s novelty—its freshness or novelty. A design can only be registered if it is new, original, and has never been published before, according to the Designs Act.

The court ruled in Pilot Pen Co. v. Gujarat Industries Private Ltd. that a registration could not be considered valid unless the design is new or unique and not a common type.

Nonetheless, the regulation considers the registration of a combination of recently known designs if the blend makes another stylish allure.

Evidence from professionals in the field is used to evaluate a design’s originality and innovativeness.

There should not have been a previous publication of the design for design registration in Bangalore. It is considered to be published when a design is made available to the general public or shown or disclosed to a person who is not obligated to keep it confidential.


The court ruled in Wimco Ltd. v. Meena Match Industries, Sivakasi[1] that publication is the exact opposite of secrecy. A design is considered published if it is no longer secret. There has been a publication if the design has been made available to the public or if the public owns the design.

Furthermore, designs that have already been published are ineligible for design registration in Bangalore. The publication can occur in either a previous document or by an earlier user. The law says that a design’s experimental use as well as private or secret use do not count as publication.

It is acceptable to use a design only in one article; however, the design must be applied to a specific item. It could have either two or three dimensions.

The product’s shape, design, pattern, or ornamentation should serve as the foundation for the design. Subsequently, the modern arrangement formats and establishments are not viewed as designs under the Demonstration.

Ought to be noticeable on the article completed A design ought to claim fundamentally to the customer’s eyes. In order to be eligible, a design must be visible on a finished product. The law says, for instance, that the internal arrangements of a closed article cannot be considered design.

Challenges of Design registration

  • Lack of awareness in regards to the process of online design registration in Bangalore.
  • In order to obtain design protection, additional formalities must be completed.
  • The interaction to get Design Protection is slow which must be accelerate as there is the interest for the eventual outcome and market guideline.
  • Lack of faith in the legal implications because the majority of violations go unnoticed.
  • Just 98% of the designs are safeguarded under the Designs Act however there is a high gamble as they get duplicated by the little firms.

Validity of design

The design is valid for ten years at first before it needs to be renewed. To hold the freedoms the design is to be recharged which expands the period for additional five years. The fee for the extension is very important, and you will lose your rights if you don’t pay it within the renewal period.

Notwithstanding, you actually get an opportunity to renew your design if you document the reclamation with the charge in the span of a year from the date of cessation in the prescribed way.

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