Design Registration

Our Solubilis Professionals are here in Bangalore to impart all kind of Design Registration in bangalore. In order to establish Quality Management System with respect to design registration process, we are rapid in filing application, examining and complex- free Design Registration approval. We are also available in Hyderabad, Cochin, Chennai and all over India and lend a hand to Business owners to fulfil their financial and industrial requirements.

Industrial Design

Industrial Design is an integration of applied art and science to improve aesthetics and usability of a product and to commercialize the merchantability and productivity.

A design is a plan or an outline or specification or a blueprint to show the working functionality of an object before production. Design registration is a process of protecting industrial designs in India controlled by design Act,2014. We assist enrolment of design with Design registry, India. Any individual or the legal representative can apply for the design registration process. Design is a key factor that attracts us towards the product to prefer using one product over other. The term of design is 15 years in general.

"Sufficient reputation in the Get- Up of an article becomes a unique platform for excluding others from imitating your design."


  • What is the penalty for piracy of design?

    An individual who violates of the design which has copyrights should pay a sum that does not exceeds Rs.25000/- to the registered proprietor who may bring an agreement to recovery of the damages and present the repetition as afore mentioned as a contract debt which stated in the section 22(2)(a).

  • What is Locarno classification of designs?

    Application for design registrations are filed using Locarno classification of designs. Designs are classified based on product categories and types.

  • What do design rights protect?

    A registered design protects the visual appearance of the product or item and provides exclusive rights. It stops an unauthorised party from producing or using your design.

  • What is a Register of designs?

    It is a document maintained by the patent office, Kolkata as a statutory requirement. it contains the design number, date of filing, name and address of proprietor, etc and it is open for public inspection on payment of advised fee.

  • What does the Hague agreement on Industrial designs signify?

    This agreement concerns the International deposit of industrial designs first came into existence in 1925. It aims at providing a mechanism for securing protection of an industrial design in all the countries by means of an international deposit